19 August 2008

you lucky düsseldorfers!

until 30 october 2008, i'm featured in the literaturautomat project. it works like a cigarette vending machine, only with poetry: for a couple of euros you'll get a box filled with five poems. your choice is between my friend wolf hogekamp, christine frenz, enno stahl, mirko swatoch and i.

the machines are located at the following locations in düsseldorf:
zakk, fichtenstrasse 40
junges schauspielhaus, münsterstrasse 446
phil. fakultät 23.01, h.-heine -universität
fft kammerspiele, jahnstrasse 4
werk-stadt, mannesmannstrasse 6 (witten)
literairstation venlo

i would again like to thank the lovely pauline füg for introducing me to this project.
to be fair, i'd like to point out that the published poems are featured somewhere on this blog as well. but there you'll get them on paper and in neat and tidy order. it's like a collector's edition. plus, you'll feel great after having supported the arts with 2 €. promised.
[pictured is the literaturautomat in witten. i stole this image from carsten. hope he doesn't mind.]

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