16 November 2007

nothing's happening, so here's a post on the weather... and my hair

inbetween writing an essay on nationalism & ethnicity, reading on natural resources as causes of conflicts and organizing my trip back home over christmas, i'm packing some clothes and some poems for a weekend in berlin. i'm looking forward to going very much, even though i hear it's really cold and snowing. here in london, we have the nicest weather ever (see picture). my program for berlin is quite full already, mainly with the reading and meeting friends, but i also have an appointment at a hairdresser's on monday, for example. so yeah, i might just get back to you from there.


Anonymous said...

thanks my friend for making my picture public! I'm so tremendously sexy with my new winter gear!


Anonymous said...

hi annina,
viel spaß & erfolg in berlin.