18 August 2008


i've known selma meerbaum-eisinger's poems for a long while now. not sure at all what to think of this project. i guess it's okay in that it links up poetry with pop culture. there's a lot of kitsch in selma's less well-known poems, though, so i suppose she would have approved of this project. to me, however, the choice of some of the singers seems a little bit off. any opinions?

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Anonymous said...

Well, I like to hear singers singing, I don't like to hear them talking about singing - nor watch them playing ping-pong or the like. But I think this clip is nothing but the standard procedure by which such projects are said to have to be offered to the public. And there is a way of getting 'solemnly' when dealing with lyrics that is a bit nauseating to me.

On the other hand since I think Mrs. Meerbaum-Eisingers poetry is worthwhile being read I cannot think of no good reason why it shoudn't be listened to. Although you are right - at least I could have thought of singers much more to my liking.

Discussing presence or absence of 'kitsch' in lyrics - especially in lyrics being created under such ridiculous circumstances - I don't really feel apt to do. Sometimes I would agree with you regarding Mrs. M-E's poetry, and then I would strongly disagree. I do like her poetry - perhaps the way I like a pair of glittering shoes with broken heels that can't be mended.