11 June 2009

edit no. 4, hot off the printer

ok, so i am done with edit number 4 of my little novella now. although still only at 27 norm pages (50.899 characters with spaces), i'm quite content with it. so far, i have only given it to stefan beuse to read, who gave me very encouraging feedback and who is the only one to know the working title of the manuscript still. i am planning on doing more editing and maybe even on adding more pages to it during my time on the road next week - the Arcotel Hotels have been so kind to sponsor a literary journey that will take me to Linz (AU), Klagenfurt (AU), and Zagreb (HR). as yet, i haven't made my mind up whether i'll bring my computer or not, as i am hoping that a macless journey would force me into writing more (less distraction). i will definitely bring my camera, though, and will take some pictures. speaking of pictures, here's a small selection of the ones i took on my most recent trip to the US:

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