28 February 2010

"das studio ist gegen das radio"

yesterday, as part of her reading at the hinterzimmer, sabine scho played her cool radio piece "grober rundfunk" (scroll down to download mp3). it was created for an interesting series called Literatur als Radiokunst produced by the ORF and curated by christiane zintzen.

i love austria for its willingness to experiment with text - the audience (and thus the industry) over there seems much more willing to accept progressive, unconventional ideas. there also seems to be allocated more aid money to literary projects than here. germany still has a long way to go in that respect!

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Anonymous said...

wow, your description of austria made me feel like living in literature wonderland for a second. as concerns willingness to accept unconventional stuff: yes and no. i remember an event not so long ago at literaturhaus wien where loads of people were rushing out of the rottenkinckschow when it had merely started... what i appreciate about germany is people's willingness to pay for literary events. this is still so unthinkable over here that when i first went to a reading at kaffee burger they had to get me back to the entrance as i just hadn't noticed the guy collecting the entrance fee ;o)