31 December 2010

i, coleoptile

yesterday, i was quite surprised to find in my mailbox a copy of i, coleoptile, ann cotten's new book published by broken dimanche press. it's got interesting black and white photography by kerstin cmelka in it, and, slightly more importantly, ann's poetry. i can't read all this now, but it looks like i'd like it, and i already wonder who enzo is (again: no time to ponder, remember, guess). my favorite line: and so i felt like jelly, like / I had been here before. let's hope i'll get around to writing a proper review sometime.

the people at the residenz verlag, who were kind enough to provide me with a copy of ulrich ladurner's eine nacht in kabul last september already (yes, i have been INTERESTED in this book!), still haven't gotten theirs. but i haven't forgotten about it, and at least i can mention here now that i like the author's dedication to alle, die den krieg nicht hinnehmen.

thank you for remaining patient and have a great 2011!

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