07 March 2010

another event: annika reich prose reading

annika reich is a friend of mine's cousin who has just published her second book, Durch den Wind, with Hanser. her first one is called Teflon and was published with Suhrkamp. i haven't read either, of course, as i barely read anything, really (as it is, i am behind on my own 50 books challenge!), but i suppose that my friend would not trick me into recommending something bad. so, if you're free that night, try annika on

thu, 11 march 2010, 8 pm, roter salon/ volksbühne, berlin - prenzlauer berg, 6€
(photo source: private)


Elpee said...

I might be mistaken, but I think the lesung is free. in any case, no need to buy tickets beforehand!

Annina said...

i just called them and the volksbühne ticket person said the reading was 6€. so that's what i put... if you have secret knowledge of how to get in for free, though, i'm sure my readers would be interested... ;)

Anonymous said...

read 'teflon' and liked it
-> do go there! ;o)