03 May 2007

day 43

i have been working so incredibly slowly in the last couple of days, i feel like i've been putting my brain to sleep. bringing out the best of that text exhausts me. to the right is a picture of my fourth revision. as you can see, i still make zillions of changes and yet nothing ever sounds right. finding a balance between what is better left unsaid and what needs to be inclosed is tricky, to say the least. also, the whole text has to sound like it was written in one go - as natural as a vespiary. all this, of course, when you shouldn't raise your hopes. let me tell you, guys, it is impossible to not bring your hopes up: the damn things bring up themselves. after all no one works on a project for weeks on end looking forward to all his effort going unnoticed. unlike with poetry slams, i partake in this competition for the sole reason of recognition. everything else is hypocrisy.

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