31 May 2007

day 70

(picture taken from pictures of walls.)

in lithuania they hold a crawling competition for babies. not that this has anything to do with today's post. i've been writing prose for the einseitig competition. they want one a4 page of text, which suits me fine, but need seven hardcopies of that one page, which bugs me. with adolf muschg as one of the members, the jury is staffed rather prominently. i have a couple of textual ideas - but since my desire for publication has ceased, so has my hope for honors. now that i've tried reading my texts to all sorts of people and, by fortunate coincidence more than anything else really, even managed to get paid for doing so, my hunger for recognition seems satisfied. i've realised that, while i could never stop writing, i can absolutely quit showing my stuff around. in the last couple of weeks i was lucky enough to receive some fine advice by highly gifted people - i think by now i have a good idea of what a quality text written by myself could and should look like. now it seems it all comes down to practice. however, exercising myself in writing doesn't involve a single person aside from myself. that's a shame, because i really like people. what's more, i'm missing a political touch in what i'm doing at the moment - in fact, the one political consequence blogging had on my life so far has been that i've been starting to censor myself in order not to snub anyone. bad, right? ...

so what's the main thing here? the main thing is my writing improves. which it does. which is good.

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