15 May 2007

scheinbar slam

yesterday's scheinbar slam was moderated by sebastian kraemer. once more, competition was tough: i missed the finale by one vote, 13 votes for slam pro bettina, 12 for me. bettina (who also has a myspace) is swiss, too. after an evening of chatting on and off stage when neither of us could tell, we only figured that out on our way to the metro and had a good laugh in the rain. so that was one of the few moments i've spent outside here so far. i've really had it with the berlin weather. it has been raining constantly since i got here. frank kloetgen, part of the famous berliner wald, won in the end and even managed to wangle the champion's title out of julius, who you all might still remember from the wdr poetry slam tv series. the poem he performs is about a young man whose attempts to land a girl are unsuccessful. there's a really good line where he says something like: "you know how in clubs sometimes the walls sweat, so if it's all about the exchange of bodily fluids i might as well just lick a wall." also there were jan, artist christina and moritz, whose text was very well written and didn't quite receive the recognition it deserved in my opinion.

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