22 May 2007

day 61

even before i got through half of Das erste Buch (see day 44), i read florian voß's poetry collection Schattenbildwerfer (ISBN: 978-86520-259-8) in one go. it contains 57 poems, is really good and you better buy it. and go and check out florian's homepage. i've stolen his picture from there, too. i guess that's ok. i've already selected a couple of poems of his i intend to translate soon.

i've also promised him to bring some of my own poetry to lauter niemand next sunday. as i've written three poems in response to his work today in what was probably the most violent creative outburst i've had in a while, i will definitely bring at least the two better ones along then.

the publisher he has published his book with is called books on demand. a smart service that might be of interest to you, too, pauline. by the way: paulines cd has been reviewed and praised by rayl patzak. i admit i haven't heard it yet, but i bet it's great and for matters of fairness i suggest you buy not only florian's book but her cd as well. buy it by contacting her via her blog or another one of her and tobi heyel here.

what more? at the request of some of you, i'll publish more of my own stuff here. the only problem i've been seeing with that is that i'll have to withhold my best work until it was either denied or accepted by the various competition holders i sent or am about to send it to. usually they request unpublished work. as yet i haven't been able to figure out whether online publication on your personal website counts as "published", too. therefore, i'm afraid, you'll have to make do with my less fabulous output. what a shame.

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