24 June 2007

day 94

here are some pictures of yesterday afternoon's poets' corner in prenzlauer berg. due to the very bad weather, the readings couldn't be held outside as planned. instead julian, the owner of the yes bar, offered his location for free. how nice, and somehow everybody even found us there. although maybe not as big an audience as there would have been outside, a few hardcore poetry fans showed up. the poets, too, dissembled their irritation and it became a cosy afternoon. in the pictures below are (mixed up now, because they disappeared AGAIN): jalal sarfaraz, agnieszka debska, donna stonecipher, hendrik jackson, ulrike draesner and norbert hummelt.

and while i was sitting under some sunshade, waiting for the rain to stop and something poetic to happen, i wrote this:

hoping that all things would dissolve/ somehow, magically/ and they do/ als ich unter dem sonnenschirm/ fallen die flüssigen wolken/ laut neben mich hin.

[in der hoffnung, dass alle dinge sich auflösen würden/ auf eine art, magisch/ und sie tun's/ when i under the sunshade/ fluid clouds fall/ loud by me here.]

an this later, when i was waiting for my friends in front of the kesselhaus, where the weltklang event was about to take place, all this, weird as usual:

die stillen zikaden die/ blondinen ihre hellen/ töne neiden/ peroxide linsen lunsen/ nach kontakt/ ein kurzer sprechversuch/ mit seiden/ spinnern raupt/ den letzten nerv entlang.

[the silent cicadas that/ envy the blondes for their/ bright sounds/ peroxides lenses peeking/ for pin/ a brief talkattempt/ with silk/ idiots larvs/ along the last nerve.]

findelkindcharme/ schamsalam/ allianzachsen/ freuschaft/ freuschaftliche ladung/ zum fest/ festraketenbeschuß/ schlußfreudigkeit.

[foundlingcharme/ shamesalam/ axis of alliance/ frillship/ amicable load/ the feast/ feastrocketfire/ endjoyfulness.]

ich bin die taube/ fluggrau/ die in deinen handzeichen nistet ein/ kehlchen aus gurren/ tiefrot.

[i am the pigeon/ flightgrey/ that nests in your hand signals a/ throatie of curring/ deep red.]

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