08 August 2007

the bad news: i haven't been writing much lately.
the good news: i can't wait to get back at it.

i sent the story i was talking about below there and am also thinking about participating here and here and here and here and here and here. so plenty of work to do... will be back in berlin late thursday evening, so posts should be coming in daily again from friday on.

holiday weirdness:

in einem augenwinkel/ blinzeln/ zwinkert ein marienkäferkind.

[in a corner of the eye/ a twinkle/ blinks a lady bird's child.]

die bienen die finden/ die blüten im/ dreckigsten busch noch/ die spinne/ meine dünne/ nasenspitze dann/ die fessel und an ihr/ entlang aufs buch in/ dessen seiten kriecht/ sich fest ist hin/ als ichs zusammenschlag.

[the bees they find/ the flowers even/ in most filthy bushes/ and the spider/ finds the slim tip of my nose/ the shackle up/ along onto the book and/ in between its pages crawls/ athletic dies as i hard/ smash its covers shut.]

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