17 August 2007

day 146/ 147

here's part of a long poem i wrote in a room kindly provided by the dachBüro, prenzlauer berg, berlin, today. you should check out their site, btw, they've got a very interesting concept.

Da schieben die Türkinnen ihre Melonen

In meinen Text wickeln sich ihre Tücher
Alles ist fast wie immer, die Glocken der Kirche hier schlagen sich
Über die Strasse, die Alten spazieren, die Schafe
Und Wiesen um Edinburgh

[There the Turks hustle their melons
Their scarves wrap my text

Almost business as usual, the bells of the church strike
The street, where the elderly stroll, there the sheep
And the meadows round Edinburgh]

the whole text is considerably longer, and when i finished it this afternoon, i really liked it. in the meantime, though, i've read it a couple of times and am not too sure how to handle it anymore. generally, i believe, it's quite good, but there are some rhythmical problems i want to take care of tomorrow afternoon. i might call it N369, but i'm not quite sure yet.

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