24 October 2007

i was going to post something this morning, but then i didn't, and now i forgot.

i have to read a lot for uni at the moment, mainly on the differences of so-called 'old' and 'new' civil wars, and how their economies work. all that's pretty interesting, but it keeps me from reading for pleasure. thinking back now, what i liked best about working in munich were the ways to and from work, when i had time to read whatever i fancied on the tube. here, my tube rides are too short for that, and i've also started to walk at least a third of each way to and back from uni, just to evade the masses of gray-suited people that fold themselves into the carriages every day.

in the meantime, lauter niemand has put up the biographies and pictures of the authors reading with me in berlin in november. nice!

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