10 October 2007

it seems my this year's luck with competitions is used up. einseitig has sent me an email today, saying that my text tanz aus narkose didn't make it into the final six (out of a hundred); the upside to this is that i won't have to fly into basel the weekend before our first essays for uni are due in december. also, my poem will still be published in a swiss online magazine called Nahaufnahmen [closeup views]. they couldn't tell me exactly when it would be up, but 'sometime soon'. i'm completely unaware of how many more submissions they've chosen for publication, so let's just wait and see.

my daily a4 page, by the way, has in the meantime become a daily half-a-page. i find that still better than writing nothing at all, though.

as yet, i'm still pretty busy organizing my schedule, making myself comfortable on the tube, trying out shortcuts and stuff. i haven't done any translation work in ages, which i regret, but have only today ordered sylvia plath's collection of short stories called Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams - i'm thinking about translating one of these, this time the other way around, from english to german, just for the fun of it.

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