07 October 2007

you're probably wondering why i'm so quiet. well, i've been writing a little, that longer piece i was talking about, just seeing how it goes. there's a concept to it, only a very vague one, so i'm not really confident talking about it here. i haven't been writing any more poetry, either, so there's nothing new to put here, really. sorry for that.

looks like i'll be going to austria again beginning of november. i'll let you know once it's official. besides that, london is pretty great. i enjoy being here, even though it means watching rugby at times. it's actually funny, you know. so yeah, anyways, there's no interesting competitions coming up i would like to partake in, which is good in a way, cause it means that when i'm writing, i'm concentrating on that longer piece.

(picture taken from pictures of walls.)

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