10 July 2007

day 110

i have two options now:

a) post a translation of some random poem
b) talk about phases (food and vocabulary)

i'll go for b).

those of you who know me know that i have certain phases. food phases, for example (currently it's salami). i also have that with words. this makes it pretty boring to write poetry or anything at all, really, because ultimately i keep repeating myself and that bores me to death. at the moment i like words like Felder [fields], Ähren [spikes], Myriade [myriads], Tauben [pigeons], Perlen [pearls], Nacht [night] and so forth. here's an example i'm only citing for evidence:

am horizont silberfilm, baby, und nirgends athen
vom balkon fallen, stockwerke zählen

be ton in be ton und
die tauben die gurren vendetta

was von allem muss bleiben? ich sage
sich drehende litfaßsäulen

jeder sein flugfeld, kollege,
du musst es nur wollen.

[silverfilm the horizon, baby, and athens nowhere/ fall from a balcony, total the floors/ con crete in con crete and/ the pigeons they coo of vendetta/ what of all things must remain? i say/ advertising pillars that rotate/ each his own airfield, buddy,/ just do it.]

there you go, you got a), too.

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