09 July 2007

day 109 is it?

i know it's translation monday, but i don't have one just yet. i've been pretty clouded today and might only post one tomorrow.

this morning i sent off my open mike story, Bärenklau, without re-reading it once more after i edited it for a third time yesterday afternoon. that was a silly thing to do, as i've noticed a minor stylistic inconsistency in the first two lines when i started reading the story just now. it's weird: i couldn't even finish reading the first page. i CAN'T STAND looking at my stories once i have pronounced them finished, and i'm not just saying this for fun. so far, apart from myself, only one friend of mine has read the text and liked it (isn't it great to have friends), so i hope the jury will, too. i feel confident that it has a very original tone to it, so perhaps they're looking for something new and unconsumed and will notice. or maybe not. eventually the story is written and that's the main thing.

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