30 July 2007

last week, fm4 published a shortlist of the pre-jury selection of authors. looks like i'm the only one who hasn't given her story a title.

i didn't have much time last week, but i noted down a couple of ideas and snippets, like these:


in meiner nase noch/ was nach zuhaus riecht
aber zwischen fremden/ fotos liegen/
beine/ hand/ halb in der wand

[in my nose still/ what smells like home
but lying between strangers'/ pictures/
legs/ hand/ halfway in the wall]


where i/ am/ sleep/
now i can't/ hear/
the rain fall/ all water/
all water falls.

[wo ich jetzt/ bin/ schlaf/
kann ich nicht/ hören/
wie regen fällt/ alles wasser/
alles wasser fälle.]


mein herz ist dein herz ist mein heim

[my heart is your heart is my home]

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