11 April 2007

2nd draft of the flood story finished

since G has gone to visit some family friends in a small town outside munich, i finished the second draft of the flood story. i'm at 16'961 characters including spaces now and think i could better it notably. i plan on recording it soon, for i have realized doing so helps a lot. both roughness and repetitions become more evident than by simply reading the story over and over again. additionally, recording myself reading my text over and over again forces me to remain concentrated and thus aids my mental abilities: who wants to restart reading a seven pages text when you have gotten to page six without making any mistakes already?

another thing that occurred to me today was the name of my novel's female protagonist. a girl registered in the multilingual studivz, the german facebook equivalent, bears it and it's beautiful. i had a look around these sites in search of names before, but hadn't found anything. this afternoon, however, seemingly out of the blue, this name jumped at me. fabulous!

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