08 April 2007

i'll do it

last night, after three glasses of deep red wine, i read Die Resignation (The Resignation), the text i intend to read at the Kiezmeisterschaft to my friends G and K. as it contains some very personal passages, i was extra nervous about presenting the three pages. fortunately, they both liked the text, its rhymes and rhythm a lot. they thought it is definitely worth being performed on stage. they assumed people will be able to relate well. as i had never before read more than a couple of sentences of my writing to them - or anyone else, for that matter - reading to them was a true acid test. i'm glad i seized the chance to perform in front of that very small audience. i hope with every time i verbalize my written words, the situation will feel more comfortable and less crook. it really felt strange and silly at first. but after they reassured me that no, people won't think i wasted their time and concentration with my recital, i'll bite the bullet and give it a go.

as yet, i haven't worked at the novel anymore. i was so consumed with this poetry slam thing, i spent all my alone time editing Die Resignation. also, i'm somewhat taken aback by the fact that i will actually have to start WRITING the novel very soon. there's no more planning that needs to be done in advance anymore. the story must get under way.

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