05 April 2007

day 15

today was a half-day for me. nevertheless i managed to finish the first rough story draft of my novel. altogether, i have outlined 1 main plot, 3 sub-plots, 8 acts, 16 scenes, and 79 beats. especially the number of beats, however, will increase during the process of writing. i have absolutely no experience with this so far, but i suppose that all the numbers i have given here (apart from the main plot, obviously) will be subject to fluctuations.

even though i am quite proud of myself that i got to this point rather quickly, that very fact makes me suspicious. then again: i have been thinking about this since february now, which means it took me eight weeks to get from the original idea to a first story draft. needless to mention that there's nothing much left of the original idea - which i used to imagine as a disney picture. how warped my mind must have been at the time! (no offense here, i bet these are damn hard to write!)

well, anyways, i'm happy and exhausted and can't wait to see how things will further develop... other than in the beginning, i like all my characters now - even the less congenial and more difficult ones. keep your fingers crossed, please!

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