24 April 2007

day 34

i'm a little consumed with def poetry at the moment. for all of you who are not from the states and need an idea of what i'm talking about, play the steve coleman video below. it's just brilliant, i love his poem and how he delivers it. amazing, too, that people in the states can make a very good living of this once they've reached a certain level of fame. i'll have to see whether there's a chance to grab some old episodes of def poetry at ebay sometime. but before that i will have to attend to my word count. [only why do i always read word CUNT?] Not True, or Only in Parts, by the way, became more of a battle rap than anything else - i'll have to work on that some more.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hi annina luzie!
du kannst die def poetry wirklich günstig im pack bei amazon bestellen. allerdings weiß ich nicht, ob sich das wirklich lohnt, denn ich fand einige der poeten wirklich mittelmäßig. die richtig guten sind so ziemlich alle auf youtube. und wenn dir das nicht reicht gibt es zum glück noch bit-torrent (zB. torrentspy) wo man auch einige seasons herunterladen kann...aber psst nicht weitersagen...ist illegal ;-)
viele grüße