28 February 2008

i'm in!

in the course of 2008, some of my poems will be featured in zakk's literary automats in düsseldorf. will let you know more once i know in which month.

thanks go out to pauline for encouraging me to apply.

23 February 2008


ann cotten and i will be reading together at the bierstindl in innsbruck on 29 march 2008. hearing about that just now has totally made my day. that is f***ing fantastic! thanks, organizers!

22 February 2008


wenn du fährst

wenn du fährst:
lenker, geschickt der
oberschenkel am
gangschalthebel deine hand
ist warm auf meiner seite
vor uns land und
wenn du fährst:
im gurt, wach lehnt
mein nacken im haar
dreht der player das lied
noch einmal drückt mein knie
in das hartplastikfach summt
im stadtlicht der motor
die abendandacht.

[very rudimentary:

when you drive:/ outofthewindowlook/ handlebar, nifty the/ thigh to the/ shifter your hand/ is warm on my side/ land ahead and/ front shield/ when you drive:/ remainseated/ and buckled up neck leans/ into the hair/ spins the player the song/ once again presses my knee/ against the glove compartment hums/ in city lights the motor/ evensong.]

20 February 2008

and what's even better

i am actually IN this video! 2.11/ 2.12 - the one with the hooped beanie. my friends are to the left, pointing in different directions.

17 February 2008

round 1: apologies 2008

clearly, the new year's resolution about posting more regularly again didn't help. i'm sorry.

i can say for myself, however, that i do lots of fun stuff here in london, e.g. partaking in a mass freeze at trafalgar square. cool, ay? i'll post a video of that for you to see as soon as one's available on youtube.

14 February 2008

like i cared about valentine's day

i think i might just have missed you
thinking of me it is sixteen past three and
you know what they say about fourdigit numbers
with all digits identical or repetitive or whatever
it's this hiccup that jumps up my throat
when you're about to smile it's me laughing at nothing
sometimes or just at a song i know you would like
it's how you look at me just right you see i think
there's never been a reason good enough so far you know
there's never been a reason good enough so close.

10 February 2008

gute wahl

selber wasserhahn tropft vor sich hin seit
halbkalt über diese häuser kam
der siebte heimatlose sinn
er nahm den fluss er nahm die
spiegelfenster hin hat alle dinge hier
bejaht den kassenautomat die enge
immer gleiche immer gleiche ubahnfahrt
hübscht jeden tag an dem das leben
an daheim erinnert auf neu ist der
stille zulauf jener dinge

[good choice

same tap that has been dripping since
the half cold came upon these houses
since the seventh homeless sense
took river took all things
the mirrored windows in
approved that pay machine the narrow
ever same the narrow ever same ride on the subway
pimps each day that makes me think
of home new is the
silent inflow yonder things]

and here, for fun, the google translator's translation:

Good choice

Water tap drips himself to himself, since
Halfcold about these houses came
The seventh homeless sense
He noted the influence he took the
Mirrorwindows out here has all the stuff
N affirmed the close
Always equal always equal subway train ride
Hübscht every day where the living
At home to newly recalls the
Income silence of those things