30 April 2008


here's a link to a german poem called leichtes gefieder by nora bossong. i think i might translate it once i'll have the time.

27 April 2008

a review of our reading in innsbruck

you can find a german review of our reading in innsbruck over at creek people.

21 April 2008


try miranda july, she seems pretty cool. learning to love you more is one of her projects.


with exams coming up in may and four full days of work per week, i should be using all free time to study, but the longer i'm not writing much, the more ideas for short stories spring to mind. there's also this novel project, that i'm thinking of undertaking once finished here... its protagonist keeps wandering around in my head, distracting me. write me a room, it keeps whispering, and a friend. i'm tempted, so tempted...

it will have to wait for a while, though, i guess.

20 April 2008

(picture taken from postsecret.)

17 April 2008

here's the link

to the event the post below was about. they also give a nice summary of what i have left out in my account of things.

16 April 2008


some guy (max) from some university (harvard, cambridge, king's) gave a speech on autobiografiction the other day. these are the notes i took:

autobiography = mode of READING?

fictional form + autobiographical content ≠ autobiographical form + fictional content [...well, obviously not!]

pseudonymous autobiography -> heteronym? -> fiction vs. pseudonym -> disguise

truth value in inner/ spiritual meaning of autobiografiction
inner life splits off from the outer
creative uncertainty about life writing?

'the more perfect the artist the more completely separate in him will be the man who suffers and the mind which creates.' T.S. Eliot, Tradition and the Individual Talent, 1951, Faber & Faber

self-fashioning/ re-invention of own story = post-modern invention? NO!

autobiografiction based on spiritual experience? elasticity in definition of spiritual!

15 April 2008

gegen die sinnlosigkeit der romantik

mit dir mich
das wollt ich
schon immer.

[to plot against the pointlessness of romance/ with you/ is what i have been/ wanting to do.]

13 April 2008

through/ i do

most certainly
it’s all about the weak lungs

the wild veil swings
the will is wanting to

the sparkling night ring
looks as if it fits my finger

08 April 2008

this year's open mike

if i can come up with something really good until 15 july 2008, i'll try my luck again at this year's open mike.