25 February 2009

medium funny, but nevertheless kind of interesting: some woman on creativity and anguish

cheers to my friend greg funnell who pointed this out to me!

listy list

here are a couple of upcoming events i wanted to inform/ remind you guys about:

27 feburary 2009, berlin
alistair noon will be launching his chapbook At the Emptying of Dustbins.
he'll be reading together with moon, mc jabber and lisa hollis, all of whom i have never heard of (is that bad?) and an 'incomparable' guy named joe czarnecki will be strumming a guitar.

9pm @ Coffee Karma. Sonntagstr. 30, Berlin-Friedrichshain (near S-Bhf Ostkreuz)

01 march 2009, berlin
KOOKbooks will be hosting a gala. i have mentioned this previously. the reading list is illustrius as usual. they, too, will have people who'll be strumming some guitars. check the facebook event for more info.

8pm @ Sophiensäle Berlin, Sophienstr. 18, Berlin-Mitte (near U-Bhf Weinmeisterstr.)

25 - 29 march 2009, rauris
tataaa, the 39th rauriser literature days. rauris is a tiny town in austria. i'm thinking the town is so small that they don't really need to mention where exactly the events will be hosted. if you wanted to do listen, you could check out this page here and email the responsible person. amongst others, raphael urweider and ron winkler will be reading there.

22 February 2009

(taken from postsecret.)

21 February 2009

a cushion has that cover / ein kissen hat dies bezüglich

Hotel Marienbad 005: Ann Cotten: Criticism & Cover

Monday, February 23, 2009, 7 pm

Barbara Köhler, author and translator, will present her flowing, carrying works in transmutation, acoustically and visually, at the Hotel Marienbad, upon invitation by guest #005 Ann Cotten.

19 February 2009

i learn by going where i have to go

a friend brought the american poet theodore roethke to my attention. i should have heard of him earlier, but hadn't. here are a couple of poems, including the waking, which i particularly like. and here's a picture of the guy, too.

18 February 2009

digital libraries

DIE ZEIT has an article on google, their efforts to digitize every book on the planet, especially the out of print ones, and the problems that arise thereof. trendsetting and interesting!

11 February 2009

Eröffnung: Hendrik Jackson's Büro für Kritik

the KW Institute for Contemporary Art is newly hosting hendrik jackson's Büro für Kritik (more info on their homepage soon). i think the idea is to anatomize other people's writing.

the opening of said three-dimensionality will be celebrated on sunday, 15 february 2009, 7 pm, at auguststr. 69, 10117 berlin.

i am definitely planning on going and might even bring a text or two. ann cotten, monika rinck and christian filips will be attending as well, which should make for a lyrically sound night.

**** update: more info on this event over at metroprolet ****

08 February 2009

(taken from postsecret.)

05 February 2009

03 February 2009

KOOKread: Alphabet. afterthoughts

i just returned from a KOOKbooks reading in honour of inger christensen, the danish poet who died earlier this year. i'm thinking that after hearing what inger wrote, i might as well stop writing poetry altogether. not really, of course, but it did seem like there was nothing left to say at the end of her Alphabet poetry collection, the whole world's in this book, and the afterlife, too.

to my delight, the reading was very well organized. in fact, it was one of the very best readings i ever attended. not necessarily because the lecturers read particularly well, but mainly because it was thought out nicely - corresponding to the mathematical progression that inger had used as a scheme for her book.

if you're free on 1 march 2009: KOOKbooks is hosting a fundraising event in berlin; their motto is 'art needs patrons', so they will be selling some art. there'll also be dancing and drinking and singing and all, so perhaps that might be something fun to attend.

KOOKgala: Kunst braucht Mäzene!
Auktionsschau ab 18.30 Uhr. Auktion, Lesungen, Konzerte ab 20.00 Uhr
Sophiensaele, Sophienstraße 18, 10178 Berlin-Mitte

arbeitstitel: innen ist alles entzündet

das herz hängt am wieder
am haken am widerwä, wiederwer
baumelts zu dir
in den nabel das fusselgrab
ausheben. all deine toten
wie meine und widerbä, wiederbeleben
ins grün sein, die freiheit
verkordelt am schnurorgan
zwickt es gelegen. so
baumeln und ausheben
liegen und hängen und sehen:
das herz hängt am wieder, am haken
baumelt zu dir.