30 January 2009

Die Spürkönigin

luckily (?), a week-long bed rest allowed me to finish a prose piece to submit at this year's MDR Literatur-Wettbewerb. it's called Die Spürkönigin or The Sensequeen. i started writing it last december already, but only finished its umpteenth edit this afternoon. just in time, as it is, for the MDR competition. as usual, i am not allowed to publish it anywhere until i know whether i made it into the final rounds (wish me luck!), but i figured a paragraph of it in english could hardly hurt. so here goes:

I'll count up to hundred, that's what he said everytime I had asked him how long it would take us to get to the peak still, or rather the topmost spot, really, for the mountain wasn't much of a mountain in the actual sense of the word, but rather a stump hill. For a long time now rain's silver threads had made our pants stick to our knees, and even though we wore soles specially made for that kind of bad weather hiking, we slipped off the fields.

29 January 2009

11 January 2009

(taken from postsecret.)

06 January 2009

ou est le swimmingpool!

may i introduce to you ou est le swimmingpool, a band some friends of my ex-flat mates in london founded.

clearly, dance the way i feel is a song with hit potential. i added the acoustic version to the WOAW facebook group playlist.

05 January 2009

MDR literaturpreis 2009

i am currently at my third edit for this year's MDR literaturpreis. it's always more difficult when there's no set topic. last year's competition was won by sudabeh mohafez (pictured by my humble self here), whom i remember to have a very empathetic and more classical style of writing. thus, i am not sure if there is, as the german would say, 'a flower pot to win' for me in this one. but i will try nevertheless. it has been quite a while since i have partaken in a literary competition. would be a good start into 2009, too. speaking of which - happy new year to you all!