26 October 2008

songs from utopia

rebekka schinz is here. many thanks for the link, dani.

25 October 2008

undertaker please drive slow

i spent the evening at the pile of books, where my friend dani nufer celebrated his bookshop's first anniversary. he had invited brett davidson, who read from his prose 'undertaker please drive slow: brief encounters with kurt cobain, sterling morrison and kathy acker'. i really liked his style. undoubtedly, brett must have a homepage or something, especially since he is in a band called 'captain ludd' that produces awesome looking cd's like the one in the picture. i just can't seem to find him on the web. weird.

musicwise, dani had asked rebekka schinz to play, who is going to release an album soon, and who is pictured above strumming her sparkling turquoise guitar. her songs were lovely acoustic pieces, sarabeth tucek style, just how i like my music. but rebekka, too, doesn't seem to have a web address, or maybe it's just my incompetent day today and i can't find anything.

it was a really good night, and the pile of books is a really well-sorted english bookshop in zurich. should you ever be in the area, do drop by and say hi to dani from me.

oh, and 'undertaker please drive slow' is a line in a song called 'will the circle be unbroken' written by george jones, who is an american country singer. you can listen to a funny version of the tune sung by agnes chan here. you know, just in case you thought it sounded familiar.

(picture taken from pictures of walls.)

19 October 2008


rather spontaneously, i have decided to participate in this year's national novel writing month. actually, nienke brought it up the other day and it occurred to me that this year around, there is really no excuse. i mean, i will have many other things to do in between writing, but i guess that could be helpful, too, as i won't be able to sit at home all day stressing out about not reaching the 50'000 words goal the organizers have set. has anyone else thought about participating?

16 October 2008


i have found a place in berlin much earlier than i thought i would. in fact, it was the first of only three i had a look at. it is a very nice flat: lots of space, phenomenal light, boarded flooring, stucco and a whole front of windows. i will spend a lot of time organizing things in the next couple of weeks, and will have to go down to zurich once more to get my clothes and kitchen utensiles, too. i am planning on being here from the beginning of november. it is all looking pretty good, and i feel very lucky. actually, the place is just like the one i had wished for.

09 October 2008

i have been on the road a lot lately and not writing much, hence the rare posting. i'm hoping to get back to publishing more often by november or so. i will say, though, that there is an artsy little project in the pipeline...

06 October 2008

club der lebenden dichter/ living poets' society

kaum gelesen,
noch seltner gehört,

von keinem erfolg
in der stille gestört,

so singt er mit wohlklang
den traurigen winden

bleibt meist ohne anhang
da keiner zu finden

die nächtliche kammer
bevölkert gelichter

stipendiert ist im
glücksfall das brot-

berühmt wird vom club
der lebenden dichter

wer hin ist und tot

katharina lanfranconi (*1948)

03 October 2008

follow-up WORTLAUT 2008: DAS FEST

here's a report on last night's event, there are also some more pictures. pamela rußmann took them. it was a fun evening at a good location called Rabenhof.

congratulations again to all the winners and thanks for partaking, everyone!