19 October 2008


rather spontaneously, i have decided to participate in this year's national novel writing month. actually, nienke brought it up the other day and it occurred to me that this year around, there is really no excuse. i mean, i will have many other things to do in between writing, but i guess that could be helpful, too, as i won't be able to sit at home all day stressing out about not reaching the 50'000 words goal the organizers have set. has anyone else thought about participating?


Anonymous said...


I found you originally on OKCupid, had a look at your blog and found myself reading it, so I thought I'd say hello and that I added wordsonawatch as a feed to my own blog - hope you don't mind!

I am probably best described as a retired writer, I haven't had much time or motivation to write for a few years now, though I have a few things building in my mind - maybe your blog will help motivate me a bit. ;)

Anyway, hope to read more of your blogging.

Annina said...

hey simon, cheers, that's great! just had a quick look at your blog, too, and it seems very interesting - will definitely check back in!

haven't logged into OK in ages, but i'm glad my profile there serves at least this one purpose, haha.