31 July 2009

i have been digging out old material - II

from a roofed platform
i watch horizon
suck in your train
that red and white train
that pulls you
winds you away
into a trail maze
industrial grey
and panic slurps
radiant days
doze notions of us
intertwined of
your leg on mine
for an instant last night
a valiant vagrant i
mumble goodbyes
and you perhaps
wonder if life
makes its mad debut


i have been digging out old material - I

vielleicht wirds am end so
dass ich dir nachgeb
nichts wollen fast nur
diesen nagellack schwarz
dass die finger ganz schmal wirken
üben die botschaft
an euch.


20 July 2009

frank mccourt died

two obituaries: one in german, one in english.

12 July 2009

(taken from postsecret.)