31 May 2009

(taken from postsecret.)

two bookstores that impressed along the way:

Kramer's in washington DC and mcNally Jackson in new york city.

back. and mark twain/ samuel clemens documentary.

sorry, long absence.

on sunday, 7 june 2009, arte will broadcast a documentary about mark twain's life at 22:00 CET. the film was made in 2004 by ken burns.

14 May 2009

done with edit number three

am currently at 46.105 characters including spaces. still not much, but already 10.000 more than i had after the second edit. feel a little lost now that this round is over, but i need to pack and walk the neighbours' dog soon.

12 May 2009

"it isn't what you're thinking. no, it's worse."

craig arnold is presumed dead from a fall now. (quote above from his poem incubus.)

11 May 2009

word count ↑

ok, so i am still working on the third edit of my novella BUT i have completed its second part (of five) just now and already am at 30.795 characters including spaces. this is fantastic, as i was only at 35.000 for the whole thing after edit number two. i am planning to finish the third round by the end of this week, i.e. before i go on holiday to mainz, frankfurt, and washington DC. the idea is to let the manuscript ripen until i'll be back, and then to re-work it once more with a fresh mind. not sure how many more edits i'll need after the fourth, certainly one, if not two or three. but, like i said, i will keep you posted.

07 May 2009

(image by sushi who is also working for DIE FREIE LANZE.)

03 May 2009

i have started the third edit of my novella today. as per usual, i previously confused counting 'characters including spaces' with the ordinary word count - only this time to my disadvantage. turns out, my second edit lacks many more words than i thought it would. we'll see how comfortable i'll feel about padding as much. the original draft of the piece was almost triple as long as the second edit is, but i'm very content i cut out all that crap for good reason. in the third round now, editing takes me about an hour per A4 page, depending on how much i add. i'm starting to get a little excited at this point. still loads of work ahead, though.

02 May 2009

zehn seiten

i've been wanting to post this link for a long while now. my personal favorites are rafik shami, gernot wolfgruber and stefan beuse. it's also interesting to note how benjamin lebert's voice changes once he starts reading. michael stavaric and thomas meinecke are featured as well.

01 May 2009

american award-winning poet craig arnold went missing on a volcano hike in japan three days ago. peter parolin, head of the english department where arnold teaches, explained this by saying "he feels the need to go to places that people don't go and come back and tell us about them," on CNN. uhm, i know for a fact that he used to write poems about very mondane topics, too. either way, if you're in japan and happen to spot him, please tell local authorities.