28 November 2007

no man's land impressions

top to bottom, left to right: ann cotten, me, erik esau.
(pictures taken by adrijana bohocki, more are available here.)

27 November 2007

just in case you wondered

i am writing still... proof: the poem below this post.

apart from that, i am still working on that longer piece i talked about. still very slowly, too, but i think it could become a good foundation for a (= next year's?) novel project... i'm also thinking about drafting a movie script, but as yet, i haven't gone beyond a very rudimentary storyline idea. also, i haven't yet finished a third short story called Oben [Atop], of which around three pages are missing still. so there's plenty of stuff in the pipeline, waiting to be worked on - besides all those uni assignments, that is.

die verganzte zeit/ ein schneeballwurf/ zwei komma fünf/ meter zu weit/ wir ducken uns/ in unsren stiefeln/ oben oben raben auf/ laternen komma ästen/ ächzen als der ball/ platzt fallen fetzen/ aus versagen auf.

[the entired time/ a snowball throw/ two comma five/ meters too far/ we duck down/ in our boots/ above above the ravens on/ the lanterns comma branches/ groaning when the ball/ bursts falling shreds/ of failure catch the eye.]

(picture taken from pictures of walls.)

24 November 2007


to pamela rußmann at fm4. of course, i didn't mean her article on me was embarrassing, it was just that i didn't know how to react when someone writes such nice things about you.... thanks pamela, i really appreciate it!!!!

22 November 2007

stealing over at galore

i was never particularly fond of maria schrader, but she said something interesting in a galore interview recently. when asked about how to combat creative halts, she replied:

i don't know, you just have to hang in there.
or you just have to come up with good ideas faster.

[now that's a great tip, don't you think?! however, she goes on explaining that]

probably every project has its own rhythm.

i think so, too.

20 November 2007

lauter niemand on the shelves

third row from top, between Literaturen and Bücher.

great reading, by the way.

16 November 2007

nothing's happening, so here's a post on the weather... and my hair

inbetween writing an essay on nationalism & ethnicity, reading on natural resources as causes of conflicts and organizing my trip back home over christmas, i'm packing some clothes and some poems for a weekend in berlin. i'm looking forward to going very much, even though i hear it's really cold and snowing. here in london, we have the nicest weather ever (see picture). my program for berlin is quite full already, mainly with the reading and meeting friends, but i also have an appointment at a hairdresser's on monday, for example. so yeah, i might just get back to you from there.

14 November 2007

this is seeing angels by the john butler trio.
definitely one of my top ten favorite songs of all time.

13 November 2007

suche/ biete

umbau aller kontinente.

[seeking/ offering
reconstruction of the continents.]

(picture taken in mexiko by my friend K.)

12 November 2007

radio live stream alert

i'm guessing that the interview michaela made with me will be aired on radio kärnten tonight between 8 and 9 pm CET (7 and 8 pm UK time) - click here for a live stream. i think she wanted to feature a couple of readings of mine, too.

Erich Mühsam (1878-1934)

Paar urnische Männlein,
paar lesbische Weiber,
paar Reimer, paar Zoten, paar Schnüffler, paar Schreiber,
Kaffee, Zigaretten, Gefasel, Gegrein -
in summa: ein Literaturverein.

(picture taken from postsecret.)

11 November 2007

a couple of pictures from klagenfurt

top to bottom: johannes weinberger reading at the ballhaus, the view from my hotel room, heinz singer michi and jens donner, michaela monschein.

10 November 2007

to klagenfurt

ein wilder vogelflügelschlag zur kerosinnacht/ die sich an zehn kilo licht verhebt/ dass die müdigkeit sich/ in die wolkendecke webt/ umdämmerung/ und wie die männer sich/ rolltreppenbreit/ am liebsten quer zu allen sitzen legen/ die turbinen wurstweiß gegen/ möwenschnäbel/ aller antrieb gähnen/ drei raben am rande/ des rollfelds.

07 November 2007


pamela rußmann @ fm4 is saying a couple of really nice things about me, advertising the event tomorrow...

trip to klagenfurt

i'll be flying to klagenfurt/ austria for this reading very early tomorrow morning. an interview with radio kärnten is also planned, which will air, as far as i know, sometime monday. i'll be back in london by sunday, so i guess i'll just let you know then when you'd have to tune in should you be interested in listening to the show. i'm not sure about www-access during the time of my stay, but i'll definitely put a couple of pictures up once back in the uk. in the meantime, i wish you guys a very nice weekend.

06 November 2007


er innerung
sitzt auf der busbank
strahlt: jacke, gesicht
es innerung
ein und ausgehnacht
lacht: passagier da
sie innerung
passiert hof wird heimweg
laterne gleich jung
gleich ob ver inn ob
irr innerung.

05 November 2007

new and very interesting link

guys, check out mike marcus' blog a personal intifada, it's really (and by this i mean: really very) well done. should keep you occupied until i'm coming up with new material.

with regards to my trip to austria from thursday til saturday, i haven't printed out the stuff i plan to read yet, so that's definitely high up on my to-do-list. also, i'm really curios how mischa did at the open mike in berlin...

04 November 2007

(picture taken from postsecret.)

03 November 2007

this is a bad conscience post

i wish i were writing, so that i had something fresh to put up here...

02 November 2007

tonight z, a friend of mine, invited me to see a 1998 movie over at our colleagues from SOAS. it was called divorce: iranian style and is definitely worth watching. if you want to do so, please find the first part of eight below. the others you can watch here.

01 November 2007

friendly turns

while my humble self didn't make it into the final round of this year's open mike, my friend mischa strümpel did. he'll be traveling to berlin shortly; naturally, i hope he's going to win the prize and wish him all the success in the world. (the open mike readings will take place at the kulturbrauerei on 3 and 4 november.)

what is more, i'd like to point out that ken yamamoto is looking for some sort of creative writing job or something. if you happen to be in the position to offer one of these, i'm sure he'd be overjoyed if you would get in touch.

i myself have to catch up on loads of reading now that i've spent four days of leisure in frankfurt and mainz with family and friends. most of us have three essays to write for uni until mid december, which will shorten my free time massively from now on - especially with the upcoming reading trips to klagenfurt and berlin in november... but oh, how i'm looking forward to getting out of here again!