01 November 2007

friendly turns

while my humble self didn't make it into the final round of this year's open mike, my friend mischa strümpel did. he'll be traveling to berlin shortly; naturally, i hope he's going to win the prize and wish him all the success in the world. (the open mike readings will take place at the kulturbrauerei on 3 and 4 november.)

what is more, i'd like to point out that ken yamamoto is looking for some sort of creative writing job or something. if you happen to be in the position to offer one of these, i'm sure he'd be overjoyed if you would get in touch.

i myself have to catch up on loads of reading now that i've spent four days of leisure in frankfurt and mainz with family and friends. most of us have three essays to write for uni until mid december, which will shorten my free time massively from now on - especially with the upcoming reading trips to klagenfurt and berlin in november... but oh, how i'm looking forward to getting out of here again!

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