28 June 2008

no man's land translation contest

i didn't win that one with my translation (see below), but if you'd like to have a look at ron winkler's german original, the winning translation and other entries, (1) go to no man's land, (2) click on 'Events' to the left, (3) then click on 'no man's land poetry translation contest' to the right. a tad bit complicated, but interesting enough to put up with the hassle, i think.

>and later parabola apples on breath<

low there the garden. that specialised

wood. above it sun's infinite π.

and beauty as kind of uncertainty.

as in clouds. insofar clouds.

inbetween hang the infernal fruit. hangs the

infernal fruit.

were there no grizzly hares?

none there, no? at that fence?

and junglestyle cubes

as birds shrieked to the ground?

someone pushed into this far, so far

departed mood the harrumph button

of his or her Heckler & Koch. wasn't me,

was another intensity group's


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