15 April 2010

'a drifting cloud is just a drifting cloud'

in front of an audience of about forty people, catherine hales launched her poetry collection 'hazard or fall' at cosy café hilde yesterday night [see this post], and i thought her reading was very satisfactory: not too long, not too short, neither boring nor incomprehensible (although reading somewhat slower would have helped). i like catherine's rather prosaic style, it just makes enjoying her poems so much easier - especially when they were put into context through little personal anecdotes: knowing, for example, that as a kid catherine wanted to become an archaeologist, sheds a whole new light on her work, too.

'it's when you part your lips that the problems begin'
'our lives crossed like the shadow of a bird in flight' 
'why have a thousand gods when one is one too many?'
'the creatures crawl into their caves, expire'

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