04 July 2007

day 104

only minutes ago i finished the first draft of my open mike entry. it's a story again, six pages or 2'568 words long. it's supposed to fill 15 minutes of reading time, so i suppose that should be fine. i haven't read it out loud yet, as i don't see a point in doing so when i know this isn't the final draft, but given my flood story experience, its volume should suffice. i've been toying around with my language a little this time around, which seems unusual to me personally (then again, don't i always play with language?), but i still like it. especially the first and last sentence of the story really suit me this time... so yeah, whatever the outcome will be, i'm pretty proud of myself cause i wrote the story so quickly and even in a certain time frame with still enough time to revise it thoroughly. awesome!

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