10 August 2007

day 140 - back to ... erm ... normal

i write best in trains, streetcars and in my bed. capote liked to write in his bed, too, saying he was much more of a horizontal thinker than a vertical one. as for me, i'm still thinking about my next story, vertically AND horizontally, but can't quite settle. as usual, i've already written a page of stuff i'll probably dismiss again soon, but at least that keeps me occupied...

with my moving to england mid september, i'll also have to think about what to do with this blog once writing isn't my preoccupation anymore - when, in fact, it will forever be just that. at the moment i'm thinking i'll just keep posting, hopefully still on a daily basis, and see where this goes. i find that with a stock of around 500 regular individual readers per month it would be such a shame to discontinue this.

first and foremost, though, i'm back in berlin for four more weeks, which is lovely, despite the bad weather.

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