20 August 2007

day 150

okay, what everybody has been predicting has come true. that anthology i was protesting to be featured in will go to press these days, the publishers want to start selling it to ... people with a very bad taste in poetry, i'm afraid ... for a whopping price of 34,95€. the 150 authors they picked (from 1.460 entries, they say) are entitled to buy them at 24€ apiece, but i won't do so. also, dear kinsfolk, please do not give one to me as a birthday present or something, i really don't want it. however, should you still be interested in the winners of the competition or what a finished book could look like, click here. curiosity really is a bitch sometimes!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that anthology really is sort of weird. Maybe you better go und get someone to marry quick and change your name into some extremly different from your's.

Annina said...

haha, awesome idea! :)