27 September 2007

habitual writing behaviour

the mean thing about habitually writing at night is that even when i try to go to sleep early, there is always this semi-somnolent moment when imagery and words pop up and i need to get up again to write them down. it's like having to drag yourself out of bed just to pee once more: pretty annoying. so here i am at 23:30 uk time, awake and typing away, when i actually had my lights out two hours ago. i was tired, still am, but now that i've written a half-page already i might as well stick to my new habit of writing one page every day. so far i've been getting ahead rather fine with this, only that it's mostly late night work and i'm not quite sure whether i'll manage to keep that up once my lectures have started... either way, it's a good habit, which would be even better, if it weren't for that charwoman slamming her vacuum cleaner against my door from the outside every morning at seven thirty. or for the fear that no matter how interesting these lectures will get, writing in midnight silence will always be more tantalizing.

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