23 September 2007

perhaps i have an idea for a longer text (= novel)... will start writing soon and will see how that goes. have a pretty good feeling about it, i'm even kind of excited.

also, there's the dresdner lyrikpreis on, which is only happening every other year. but i guess i'm not yet good enough to participate, and also the deadline, 30 september, is kind of close. they want 6 t0 10 poems, which seems quite a lot to me, so i really wouldn't even know which ones to choose. i'll see whether i'll be able to decide on some tomorrow, if not, obviously i won't be partaking.

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Anonymous said...

Hallo Annina,

sieht aus, als ob´s Dir in London gefällt... Das freut mich.
London ist aber auch wirklich eine absolut traumhafte Stadt...

Na ja, zumindest versuchen kannst Du´s ja mal mit dem Dresdner Lyrikpreis - mehr passieren, als dass Du nicht in die engere Auswahl kommst, kann Dir schließlich nicht ;) .