16 October 2007

ballhaus all the way

there are two confirmed readings coming up, both of which involve not only myself, obviously, but other authors as well:

08.11.2007 - klagenfurt (austria) - ballhaus.at

18.11.2007 - berlin (germany) - ballhaus ost

as you might have noticed, both locations are called 'ballhaus'. this is a total coincidence.

the latter is organized by my friends from lauter niemand, who will celebrate the launch of their this year's edition.

as yet, neither have officially confirmed their programs, so i will get back to you guys with more detailed information once it's all formalized.

i started writing another short story, too, which is coming along alright. as yet, i haven't quite found the balance between reading for uni, writing and leisure, and am still trying to juggle all this and focus my attention on either one of them at a time.

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