25 October 2007

someone doesn't want people to read this

my friend K, who is spending a couple of months in nanjing at the moment, let me know that my blog has been censored in china. i'm not sure whether that applies for the other blogspot blogs, too, but it struck me as being absurd and ridiculous. it is also a great reminder of the fact that freedom of speech and freedom of opinion are values that need to be fought for and defended perpetually. i therefore invite you to sign amnesty international's petition for freedom of expression on the internet. read more about their campaign here or have a look at the Open Network Initiative's global internet filtering map here to see who keeps what from whom.

i have added the campaign's badge to the lower right part of the blog, so that you can see what kind of information has been withheld from people all around the globe. if you click on it, you will be directed to irrepressible.info, where they will tell you from what homepage they took the excerpt and in which country it has been censored.

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Anonymous said...

DOn't worry, its not just you, its all of em... Least thats what my friend who lives there tells me.