14 June 2007

day 84

the downside of writing good stuff is the difficulty of coming up with something as good or, ideally, even better afterwards. every time i've managed to finish a piece of writing i'm content with, it takes me up to a week to sit down and get going again.

in the meantime, i come up with more weirdness:

das leben kämmt seine zeit haut ecken aus brillengläsern strählt augen aus blicken zu murmeln klebt münder zum kuss dreht zunge um zunge zu locken aus duft stopft liebe bis in den stoffzopf der puppen.

[life combs its time chops corners off spectacle lenses brushes winks of looks to murmurs glues mouths to a kiss rolls tongue and tongue to curls of flavour stuffs love into the dolls' clothplaits far into the night.]

very difficult to translate this one, as several of the german words used have double meanings, e.g.

haut = skin + (he/ she/ it) hits
augen [aus] blicken = eyes + looks + moments
murmeln = (to) murmur + glass beads/ taws
locken = curls + (to) lure
bis in die puppen = far into the night/ into the dolls.

that's why translations of my own work are usually very rough, in case you ever wondered.

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