19 June 2007

day 89

ok. after two weeks of dwelling in procrastination, i have finally started writing a second version my open mike story (not that i had finished the first, i just never quite liked it). it's funny how i develop all sorts of delay techniques, like eating, for example. whenever the room has been tidied up and cleaned for the second time, all washing has been washed and all emails have been answered, i decide that what i really need before fully engaging in writing is food. some strange food, of course, that i wouldn't have in the house, so that then i'd need to still go grocery shopping first.

the problem, i think, is pretty obvious.

today, however, i got up around 9.30, started writing at 11.15 and managed to keep on doing so right until thirty minutes ago. even though a large part of these two hours went on research, i wrote 277 words altogether. bearing in mind how slowly i write, that's a lot and i'm happy. to make it look even more, i changed my pt 12 font from arial to courier and my line spacing to 1.5; that way at least i can say i wrote 'a whole page' today and not only a half.


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