16 June 2007

day 86

coming up with a post every day is pretty hard. especially, when you have to think of a new excuse for getting nowhere each time... but hey, at least i'm sorting through my music. personal song of the week: harrison moses by the hype foundation. and ok, i have a myspace, too.

yesterday night i went to bordercrossing berlin's 2nd edition lauch party. they had authorial readings and even a comedian. i don't know why really, but i was quite surprised by the high quality of the texts the editors have chosen.

only the catering was managed poorly: the advertised barbecue was cancelled, the waitress couldn't handle the situation and the piece of cake i bought was mouldy. after sending it back, i made the following note:

nach hautkrebs ausschau halten.

[watch out for skin cancer.]

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