22 August 2007

day 152

last night i realized that my story for the walter serner preis is only due after i left berlin. technically i've known this all along, but now, when i write, it feels like i'm writing myself out of berlin... wicked!!!

i'm at 519 words at the moment, which make a little over one page, which is perfectly fine. just like the last couple of times i've started a new story - i just can't continue producing material i don't feel excited about. it's that feeling in your stomach that tells you 'this could really be something, keep going'... so the story i'm writing at the moment doesn't have anything to do with chemistry or our planetary system (not at this point at least), but instead with people and children, the usual stuff - stellar vaults just didn't seem to do it. haha.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You count the words, do you? Strange.

But maybe a good way to speed up yourself. Me I sometimes am very much loath to continue - and usually that is a strong indication for rubbish.
But that's very personal.

And: stellar vaults and this great anti-material inter-galactical stuff, ha, leave it to the (little?) boys, they are in dire need of it.