27 March 2007

the bigger project

well, the story competition is nice, but the REAL goal is to compile a whole manuscript until the beginning of september. i had what i thought was a good idea for story. after thinking that idea over and over during the past weeks, i know i have to alter the idea at least inasmuch so i'll be able to write it. my original idea included a few unrealistic (read: phantasmagorial) ideas that i feel too unimaginative to realize at the moment. i guess i'll just save that idea for later and stick with a more naturalistic approach. depending on how long i'll be up tonight, i might even come up with more details regarding the BIGGER PROJECT. it's a shame i had to knock all older ideas on the head, as i used to have a nice theme and -erm- title for the original idea. but hey, life's a bitch!

i'm planning on finishing the first draft of the flood story by tomorrow, or, at the latest, by thursday. since i'll only be able to print it out in switzerland next week (for free, that is), it doesn't really make much of a difference.

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