27 March 2007

day 6 - a late start

i have started rather late today, and the writing is going slow. yet when it goes, it goes smoothly, which is good. i have started one hour ago and am at 10'726. i hope that what i write won't need too much editing afterwards... that we will only see by mid-april, though.

i have thought about entering another contest, a poetry contest, yesterday, but i don't like the topic much ("only yesterday") and its due date is end of this week already. you're supposed to hand in three poems. i considered translating some of my older english ones into german, but realized that wouldn't work. for i don't like the topic, i know it's too late to come up with anything of much depth in two days. i tried breifly yesterday night, when in a very weird moment i suddenly thought: maybe poetry just isn't for me? considering that for nearly ten years all i wrote was poetry, i guess this is bullshit. then again, when i tried to string a few german words together last night, it didn't work at all. i realized that for poems, as of now, i prefer the english language. it has many short words, rhymes well and makes for a good rhythm. then again, i know nothing about rhythm, really. it's a shame they don't have more creative writing or poetry classes in high school here. i particularly remember a course in "war poetry" during my term abroad in new zealand in 1999. i loved it.

once back in constance, maybe i should try and offer creative writing sessions (i wouldn't want to call it "classes") for kids and teenagers?

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