29 March 2007

day 8

it's been over a week now. i'm at 13'247 characters including spaces. i'm not sure i'll be able to finish the story before my friend t arrives here this evening. i still have some vacuum cleaning to do and should go to the post office, too. i'm thinking about following robert mcKee's advice and getting some index cards on which to put possible scenes. it's a scriptwriter's technique, but i think it could help.

i spent the better part of last night trying to re-arrange my original storyline for the book. as soon as i'll be on my own again next week, i'll have to start and develop my characters in writing. as of now, there are five of them who are important enough to require a detailed character sheet. i dread writing these, even though i know it will probably help a lot in bringing the story forward; events, locations and relationship details will occur to me more naturally, i hope. i think i might even have to come up with a new set of names for them. i'm not sure the ones i had chosen in the beginning match my new 'people'. it's weird how you think you know something about a character and then, when you try to put that down, a voice inside you screams NO, IT'S NOT LIKE THAT! and makes you settle with the complete opposite of how you wanted the 'person' to be in the first place. they really do develop a life of their own.

i probably won't get around to doing much posting this weekend. since i won't be able to write, either, i suppose that doesn't matter. ;)

have a nice weekend, my friends!

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